Life’s A Journey, So Live It.

So, I’ve created LinkedIn company page called Steve McKenzie’s Journey.

Why? No, I’m not being indulgent and self adoring.

Throughout the last 34 years I’ve worked in a number of roles, industries and businesses and there has been on constant.


The main business or brand I should be focusing on is me.

What’s my goal or purpose.

What’s my passion in life.

What have I been doing wrong?

How do I fix what it is broken.

After 52 years on this earth, I’m only just now looking more closely at myself, what I do, how I feel, who I love and what my purpose is.

In the last week I’ve been reading more, listening more, watching more and learning more about how to enjoy this journey we call LIFE.

Will I make mistakes, yes, I’m only human. Will I learn from these mistakes, you bet and I have done so in the past.

Will I be showing you or telling you about everything I do every minute of the day? Who knows?

If anything I post helps just one person, other than me, make a decision that impacts their life. Then I can live with the critics and the trolls and the haters (if I get any).

So folks, stay tuned, please keep following and comment as you see fit.

life’s a journey, so live it.

Published by Steve McKenzie

Old dad looking to get back in the dojo, fix his busted heart, lose some weight and provide for his family.

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