Staying Alive (no dancing required)

So I made a post on my Twitter feed (@socialsteve26) and a few people thought I was being a bit morbid.

My intention was to look at goal setting and what my ultimate goal was.

We all have a variety of different goals, whether its health, wealth or happiness.

However, when you really think of it, these are sub goals or sub tasks or even milestones in our main goal – longevity.

We all know we are going to die at some point, we just want that time to be as far from now as it possibly can.

So my primary goal is to not die before my time.

This means keeping myself in good health or to try and fix the things that are wrong with me.

If you have a favourite car that you want to keep forever, you keep it well maintained, well serviced and treat it right.

It’s the same with us.

We look after our health, our mental helth, what we eat, if we exercise, if we sleep well and a whole array of other things.

People will tell you they do it so they can wear certain clothes, or do certain things or simply just to feel better.

What it all boils down to is the fact that we all want to be on this planet for as long as we can.

We want to see our kids grow up.

We want spend time with the ones we love.

We want to spend more time with our friends.

Or we simply want to make the most of the time we are given.

Whatever the reason, the goal is simple.

Stay alive for as long as you can.

Live Life and enjoy it.

Published by Steve McKenzie

Old dad looking to get back in the dojo, fix his busted heart, lose some weight and provide for his family.

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