The Martial Way Is My Way

Over the last year or so I have been looking at different ways of trying to get my health and fitness into better shape.

I’ve been looking at all aspect of my health and wellness from food to exercise to meditation.

I’ve been counting my macros, doing meditation classes, getting better sleep, trying to do more exercise and did a six week stint of learning Jeet Kune Do online.

It wasn’t until last night when I was in my meditation session that I suddenly realised that all of these where not new to me. I have to admit that until about a year ago, I had never attended a meditation class. Or so I thought.

Back when I was training / teaching Shito Ryu Karate, at the start and end of every class my students and I would perform a short meditative process called “Mokuso”.

This was us preparing for the training ahead (start of class) and then calming our minds after training (end of class).

During training we would perform set patterns call “kata” and these always involved an element of breath work. Such katas as Seinchin or Sanchin focused quite heavily on your breathing whilst performing the movements.

I always felt that kata helped me get my epilepsy under control as I felt my breathing could be a major trigger point. Once or twice when I felt a seizure coming on, I would try and control my breath. This either stopped it, or was certainly a contributing factor.

The fitness aspect of martial arts training goes without saying, but the martial arts also helped me with both my focus and discipline. Something I have been severely lacking since I gave up teaching / training.

I now realise that if I can find my martial way again, I can hopefully find my way back to better health and wellness.

It was the complete package for me, focus, discipline, stretching, cardio, strength training, confidence boosting and much more.

It’s been some time since I stepped foot in the dojo, but as I always told my new students.

It’s never too late to find your martial way.

Published by Steve McKenzie

Old dad looking to get back in the dojo, fix his busted heart, lose some weight and provide for his family.

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