Nevis & Snowdon : A Personal Challenge

So, if you’ve been following my random posts, you will have most likely gathered that I’m trying to sort my health out.

Problem is I’ve been trying to sort it for ages. I’m the first to admit I can be inconsistent and at times not very determined.

Like most people I have a bucket list. On my list are climbing (figuratively speaking) Ben Nevis and Snowdon.

Well I’m not going to wait until I’m dying before I try and tick off my bucket list.

I’m fact I want to use my bucket list to keep me alive.

Therefore, this year I’m attempting to tick them both off.

On Saturday 25th September (the date before my 53rd birthday) I’m heading up Ben Nevis.

Then, one week later I will be down in the Welsh Valleys and heading up Snowdon with my #trtle family.

I must be mad but hey, it’s gives me a goal to focus on and means two months of hard graft in the gym and up the hills.

Hopefully by the end of it’s all I will be a little healthier, fitter and happier.

Published by Steve McKenzie

Old dad looking to get back in the dojo, fix his busted heart, lose some weight and provide for his family.

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